We are a fourth generation family of farmers.

Our origins date back to 1901 with the first crops in the remote town of Estación Naranjo, Sinaloa. The success of this crop paved the way for growth and a second agriculture operation was opened in what is today the town of La Trinidad, Sinaloa, with crops such as tomato and melons. In those years, a third operation was opened in Tamazula, Sinaloa, with the same crops.

In the year 1974, Agricola Sacramento was formally founded in Guasave, Sinaloa, in the town today known as Benito Juarez, or to the locals as “El Batamote”.

From the begining, Agriola Sacramento was focused on satisfying the american market buyer´s needs regarding quality produce, and working together with them, in order to fullfill the consumer´s everchanging demands.

Today Agricola Sacramento is an agriculture enterprise known for its capacity to fulfill its clients necessities, by growing in different regions in order to supply quality produce all year long.

Since the first generation, the founders of this family enterprise had the vision of exporting the crops as the core business strategy, and the even greater vision of looking after the progress and well being of it´s collaborators (employees) and the community.

Agricola Sacramento has been a pioneer in the production of organic produce with its more tan 10 years of experience.

We at Agricola Sacramento continue the founders vision of the company in prioritizing the development of its collaborators and their families, who are the most important asset and the reason for the success of the company today and for the capacity of the company to continue being a successful agricultural enterprise for more generations to come, in a world where organic and sustainable practices in a harmonic environment with our collaborators and nature is the key to success.